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Infinite Abyss Announces World Premiere of "An Evening With John Wayne Gacy Jr."

Infinite Abyss is very excited to announce the world premiere of the Ronnie Larsen-penned play "An Evening With John Wayne Gacy Jr." This time-bending play delves into the mind of the infamous serial killer, John Wayne Gacy Jr., who was convicted and executed for killing 33 young men in Illinois during the 1970s. Erynn Dalton (Infinite Abyss's Artistic Director) will direct and Ronnie Larsen will star as the title character. "I am so honored that Ronnie [Larsen] has entrusted me with this unique piece of theatre- since Gacy's crimes were uncovered, his image as a 'killer clown' has haunted our dreams and inspired many terrifying fictional characters in novels and films. I can't wait for audiences to fall deep into the abyss of Gacy's psyche," says Dalton. "An Evening With John Wayne Gacy Jr." runs throughout October and stars Ronnie Larsen, Bridget Halberecht, Richie Stone and Khail Duggan.

Ronnie Larsen stars as Gacy in "An Evening With John Wayne Gacy Jr."

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