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Infinite Abyss Announces 2018-2019 Lineup

Infinite Abyss Productions is proud to announce its shows for the 2018-2019 season, which will include an unmistakable return to their horror roots. The lineup includes a mix of original and published pieces with a heavy focus on immersive experiences. The events include:

Theatre of Terror, October 4 – November 3

Celebrate the Halloween season with an Abyss immersive experience in which guests help murderous actor Alexander Vincent exact revenge on his critics. Only 25 guests per show!

An Abyss Christmas Carol: December 13 – December 29

You haven't seen this Dickens classic until you've seen Infinite Abyss's immersive version! Don't miss this holiday classic twisted into a wild and weird Abyss event.

Abyss Double Creeper Feature- The Feast & Bite Correction: January 17 – February 9

Infinite Abyss combines two horrific one-acts- "The Feast" by Cory Finley and "Bite Correction" by Erynn Dalton- that will make guests squirm. Guests at this production will sit at a long table, Last Supper style, to watch the terrifying events unfold.

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: March 28-April 21

Martin McDonagh's tense thriller about a plain and lonely woman in her forties with her first and possibly final chance at love; and her manipulative mother who sets about to derail it. Full of tension and twists by the author who wrties darkness well. Starring Abyss veterans Kitt Marsh and Erynn Dalton.

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