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Dread Central Praises Abyss!

Well-known horror publication, Dread Central, attended the Popcorn Frights Film Festival last August and gave a rave review of Abyss's pre-show performance before the premiere of Anna and the Apocalypse! Author Alejandra Gonzalez writes: Besides being voted as audience favorite this year, Anna and the Apocalypse also provided for many of my favorite Popcorn Frights 2018 moments. Not only was the film’s director John McPhail in attendance during the screening (and throughout the entire week, for that matter), but the audience was treated to an absolutely incredible immersive performance by Infinite Abyss Productions (with special guest Santa Claus) before the movie was screened. The stage was soaked and sticky with fake blood for days since the performance took place on the opening night and used so much of it! It was great to see the audience have a great time hanging out with Mr.Claus in preparation for one of the genre’s most fun and delightful movies of recent years.

Check out the full article here:

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