Looking for unique entertainment for your Halloween or holiday party? Infinite Abyss creates detailed, interactive shadow casts  during which the cast acts out the action of a film (usually a musical) while it plays behind them on a screen. Current shadow casts include The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Repo! The Genetic Opera. Your guests will be amazed at the level of detail and accuracy!


The newest rage sweeping parties across the world are themed events with immersive elements.  Tell us your event's theme and we will create an interactive performance around it to surprise and delight your guests. We have created immersive performances for parties, film festivals, film screenings and even emergency drills for healthcare facilities/services.


Have a themed party you'd like to create for your home, company or another venue? We can help make your event memorable for your guests! Ideas include murder mysteries, haunted experiences, ghost hunting, seances and whatever else your imagination can cook up! No matter your ideas, Infinite Abyss can add unique theatrical elements to your event that will keep your guests entertained.



The critically-acclaimed Infinite Abyss Productions in Fort Lauderdale, FL explores the dark side of humanity and stages it for you via intense, immersive live horror shows. We are the modern Grand Guignol!


Let go, and get sucked into the Abyss!



Infinite Abyss Productions, live theater performances with a focus on dark, immersive and horror. Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors

Infinite Abyss at The Foundry
2306 N. Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors FL

(954) 489-8440

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