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A film by Erynn Dalton
Written by Joseph Zettelmaier & Michael Alan Herman


This segment stars Anne Bobby (Nightbreed, Born on the Fourth of July) as Ele Morris, a tough-as-nails monster hunter whose wife and hunting partner may or may not be sleeping with their most deadly and elusive enemy (Lukas Hassel from The Blacklist). Through witchcraft, Ele will learn the awful truth and must decide if her thirst for spilling monster blood is greater than her love for her wife. 

What begins as a night of scary stories turns into something far more diabolical when the campfire tales of creatures that go bump in the night begin to feel a little too personal to the family sharing them with a newcomer.

Currently in production, this highly original anthology horror film follows Johnny (Mike Manning) who brings his girlfriend home to meet his family one year after the murder of his father. Greeted by his sister Kat and Uncle Marcus (Jim Beaver), they settle in for a night of scary stories around the campfire. It does not take long before Johnny’s girlfriend realizes there is something far more sinister behind these stories, these people, and this place.  For more information and news about Kindling, CLICK HERE to go to the film's website.

The horror anthology includes the following three macabre tales from varying time periods:



Starring horror legend Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog, Creepshow, Swamp Thing), this tale takes place in the American 1700s. When a group of frontier men in the 1700s go missing after a hunt, the wives and mothers from the village bravely follow their trail deep into the woods. What they discover during their journey is nothing less than monstrous, and these courageous women must fight for their lives against a flesh-eating beast called the Wendigo. 


Dr. Wixom’s young and beautiful wife Caroline is having a torrid affair with her husband’s dashing laboratory assistant, Benjamin (played by Ariel Levy from The Green Inferno, Aftershock). Dr. George Wixom, however, is working on a top-secret experiment within their Victorian mansion and has his own plans of exacting revenge on both his wife and her lover. The results of the experiment enough to drive a person out of their head.

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